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Jaguar National Rally Results - Hobart 2009

Hosted by the Jaguar Car Club of Tasmania

Concours d'Elegance

GOLD Alan Sebesfi XK120 RHD OTS 1953 JDCA
GOLD Eldon Smith SS 1 Tourer 1934 JCCV
GOLD Peter Millikin S-Type R   JCCV
GOLD Peter Finn S-Type 2003 JDCQ
GOLD Graham Hofmeyer Mark ll 3.8 1960 JCCV
SILVER Lyndon Dickenson XK 150 DHC 1958 JCCT
SILVER Lee Hudson S-Type 2002 JCCT
SILVER Chris Wallace E-Type Series III Coupe 1972 JCCT
SILVER Des Wighton XJS Convertible 1989 JCCT
SILVER Lyndon Dickenson XJS Convertible 1988 JCCT

Concours d'Etat

GOLD Geoff Hender E-Type Series I FHC 1967 JCCWA
GOLD Tony Pallas XK120 DHC 1953 JDCA
GOLD Neil Williamson E-Type Series II 2+2 1970 JCCV
SILVER Brian & Diane Spencer XJS Convertible 1990 JCCT
SILVER Betty Holmes XK150 3.8S FHC 1960 JCCT
SILVER Ian & Vicki McKinney Daimler Sovereign XJC 1977 JDCQ
SILVER Martin & Kaye Wilson Mark I 3.4 1959 JCCT
SILVER Roger Tonkin E-Type FHC 1967 JCCV
SILVER Max Heazlewood Sovereign XJ8 1998 JCCT
SILVER Barry Wiggins XJS Coupe 1989 JCCT
SILVER Neil Middleditch XJS 1989 JCCV
SILVER Martin Patrick Mark II 1964 JCCWA
SILVER Rod Bini 240 1968 JCCV
BRONZE Geoff Cuthbert XJ6 1974 JCCT
BRONZE Geoff Scott Mark ll 1966 JDCA
BRONZE Damon Thomas Mark ll 1964 JCCT
BRONZE Harry Holmes Harry Holmes 1963 JDCA
BRONZE Ray Lopez XJS Convertible 1991 JCCV

Sporting Results

C .10 Split Time Tony Pallas XK120
D .35 Split Time Mike Hobden Mk ll
E .77 Split Time Ian McKinney Daimler Sovereign XJC 
F & G .60 Split Time David XJR Saloon

Combined d'Elegance/Sporting No award
Combined d'Etat/Sporting Tony Pallas
Interstate Relay Race Tasmania - Chris Edwards, Ed Newton and Mike Hobden Time of 8.13.90, 5/100 of a second better than WA, then Tasmania 2nd team.
Overall Winner of Regularity Event Tony Pallas with split time of .10 second

Perpetual Trophies

SIR WILLIAM LYONS TROPHY - Outright winner of Concours
Alan Sebesfi (JDCA) - 1953 XK120

Geoff Hender (JCCWA) - 1967 E-Type Series I

LOFTY ENGLAND SPORTING TROPHY - Highest placed sports car in Concours d'Elegance
Alan Sebesfi (JDCA) - 1953 XK120

RON CAMPBELL (MEMORIAL) TROPHY - Best SS or Mark 4,5,7,8,9 or XK120,,140 or 150
Eldon Smith (JCCV) - 1934 SS1

SIR NICK SCHEELE AWARD - Best Concours d'Elegance entry built during the lifetime of Sir Williams Lyons (1901- 1985)
Alan Sebesfi (JDCA) - 1953 XK120

BRYSONS CONCOURS TEAM TROPHY - Highest club total for 3 cars in Concours d'Elegance
JCCV (Eldon Smith, Peter Millikin, Graham Hofmeyer)

ACJC ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD - Best first-time entrant in Concours d'Elegance
G Hofmeyer (JCCV) - 1960 Mark II

JAGUAR CARS AGGREGATE POINTS SCORE - best car combined in Concours d'Elegance and Sporting event
Not awarded - no cars eligible

ACJC CONCOURS D'ETAT/SPORTING TROPHY - best car combined in Concours d'Etat and Sporting event
Tony Pallas (JDCA) - 1953 XK120

TONY REILLY (MEMORIAL) SPORTING TROPHY - Outright winner of sporting event
Tony Pallas (JDCA) - 1953 XK120 DHC

JAGUAR CAR CLUB OF TAS - Club with lowest aggregate score for 3 road registered club cars in sporting event
JCCT - (Chris Edwards, Ed Newton, Mike Hobden)

IAN CUMMINS NATIONAL TROPHY - Best presented car not entered in judging, judged by ACJC Committee representatives
Denis Weily (JCCV) - 1961 E-Type Roadster

PAUL SKILLETER AWARD - Journalistic award for material published in club magazine by current member
Mal Longmore (JDCQ) for "The Real Outback"

ANDREW WHYTE AWARD - Journalistic award for best article by current member in Jaguar Magazine
Rex Wallis (JCCV) for "Only the Bravest"

NATIONAL RALLY COMMITTEE TROPHY - Most desirable car chosen by National Rally Committee
Lyndon Dickenson (JCCT) - XK150 DHC

TERRY KELLY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Age/Distance trophy awarded for longest distance driven to Rally multiplied by age
Trevor Johnsson (JDCQ) - 1964 S-Type

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